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See, then, Anselmo, the peril thou art encountering in seeking to disturb the peace of thy virtuous consort; see for what an empty and ill-advised curiosity thou wouldst rouse up passions that now repose in quiet in the breast of thy chaste wife; reflect that what thou art staking all to win is little, and what thou wilt lose so much that I leave it undescribed, not having the words to express it.
I will give you to-morrow two thousand crowns in gold for you to offer or even present, and as many more to buy jewels to lure her, for women are fond of being becomingly attired and going gaily dressed, and all the more so if they are beautiful, however chaste they may be; and if she resists this temptation, I will rest satisfied and will give you no more trouble.
Like the chaste Susannah of the Bible, whom the Elders hardly saw, she established herself joyously and full of hope in Paris, while all Alencon was deploring her misfortunes, for which the ladies of two Societies(Charity and Maternity) manifested the liveliest sympathy.
Let Death go to houses Where there are vile, adulterous things, chaste wives Who growing weary of their noble lords Draw back the curtains of their marriage beds, And in polluted and dishonoured sheets Feed some unlawful lust.
They fled from the wild, Irish, hard-living stereotype into the repressed angry, churchgoing folk dismissed by the anti-immigration politicos described in Imbeciles as community-oriented, kind and chaste, but still foreign.
In Greek, the name means kind or innocent, in Spanish it means meek or chaste and in American and Italian it means chaste.
In Thomas Middleton's A Chaste Maid in Cheapside, Touchwood Senior describes an incident in which watermen, boatmen who carried playgoers and other entertainment seekers across the Thames, helped a gentleman elude 'varlets' who had chased him into the Blackfriars theatre.
He said the Sudanese community is in need of such initiatives especially those which look for chaste poor families and the needy people.
Leboyer and Chaste suggest accepting clinical heterogeneity instead of a solution for promoting progress.
Contract notice: Activities of the final design of surveys and investigations for its work on the cultural heritage assets on intervention called reconfiguration of embankments and restoration insula of the chaste lovers.
If you know you are chaste and you say you are chaste, you are chaste.
We're not a soap, we're a medical drama, but we do tell a story about women in the Jennifer 1950s and it's quite nice to show these rather chaste romances, which are so different from the ones girls have today.