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In some ways the chasteness of Wilkie's pictures lies in their careful and unthreatening evocation of the lower classes.
The ghost as Philip imagines it is freed from the troubling experience of loving and able to enjoy the beloved in remarkably erotic chasteness.
However, on a number of other occasions the colloquial idiom tends to jar, seeming out of character both with the linguistic precision of the author and the fluent but inevitably formal chasteness of Colometa's expression.
Three women holding bands, entwining, have the chasteness of young girls frolicking on a beach; two lift another in a leap.
was so brilliant that at first they wanted to award him a doctorate for it, but then they gave him five years in exile instead"; the casual anti-Semitism of the grannies who pass time gossiping outside Aglaya's apartment building, graciously extending Granny Bauman, a Jewish fellow gossip, "temporary forgiveness for the crucifixion of Christ and the matzos made with the blood of Christian infants"; and the chasteness of a Soviet life that subordinated emotion to ideology.
He was also scathing about the alleged lack of information about the saint's life on the information boards that greet visitors to Ynys Llanddwyn, the isolated sanctuary off the Anglesey coast where she lived her life in chasteness.
Referring to specific tales, "Atalanta's Race," "The Man Born to be King," "The Story of Cupid and Psyche," "The Doom of King Acrisius," and the episode of Danae and the shower of gold, Pater continues: "[These tales] have in a pre-eminent degree what is characteristic of the whole book, the loveliness of things newly washed with fresh water; and this clarity and chasteness, mere qualities here of an exquisite art, remind one that the effectual preserver of all purity is perfect taste.
What gives Valery's prose its gravity, lucidity, and chasteness is what he excludes from it.
In this sense, then, incest would be not so much the opposite of the chaste or the pure as their uncanny double: far from any notion of purity that only subsequently becomes impure through the addition of some "foreign" substance, incest institutes a kind of "originary taint" of sameness that subverts the very possibility of any original purity or chasteness.