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Trust in Microsoft; WTO Protesters: Chastise Cube, Not Nike; Does
Jackson presided over practice Monday morning and summoned enough strength to chastise his players for their recent lackluster effort at Seattle.
Two city kids convey their surprise at being asked to share their opinions at all, while an angry protester chastises the women attempting to interview him, accusing them of not asking sufficiently serious questions at such a critical moment.
Bobo's brother chastises him for being a scaredy-cat; Bobo's grandpa, Boo-Dad, knows exactly how to scare the featrful creature away.
In the Windsor Report, the Lambeth Commission chastises both our Anglican Church of Canada and the Episcopal Church in the U.
He offers stories of orangutans, elephants, and octopuses that can pick locks and take apart cages and a dolphin that chastises its trainer.
He chastises Greenspan for his cavalier attitude on increased regulation and disclosure of derivatives, even as he was condoning the Fed's participation in the rescue.
When Sugiyama tries to engage Mai romantically, she chastises him for using dance to reach her.
We see a portent of his future greatness when he chastises his classmates for their utilitarian approach to an education.
Sometimes the consultant rattles off a dozen or so instructions in less than a minute, then loudly chastises us for not immediately following them.