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A rep for HFPA confirmed that there was no truth to the rumours that they had chastised the host during the show and that his time on stage "was not altered one iota".
This earned a rebuke from FEMA spokesperson Mary Hudak, who chastised the rescue workers for being excessively concerned about innocent Americans and insufficiently devoted to federal image maintenance.
I look forward to the day that the LGBT community tells candidates how much they owe us instead of being chastised when asking for justice.
The Times went on to report that on the same day of Magistrate Hart's decision, a Utah appeals court judge chastised another lawyer for "textual malfeasance.
The letter chastised the Jofa for publishing an article that was critical of annuities as retirement planning vehicles, claimed that annuities were "misunderstood" and later stated, "Many CPAs now have securities and insurance licenses and offer these products to their clients.
The teacher, Terry Bethea, chastised the boy in front of his classmates and sent him to the principal's office.
Chastised by her relatives and ostracized by her peers, the gift attempted unsuccessfully to conform.
Also in the same section, Marie-Luce Demonet offers a provocative comparison between Montaigne and Estienne Pasquier based on their varying attitudes to linguistic custom and their varying tolerance of the centrifugal tendencies of language, such as the use of regionalisms, for which Pasquier chastised Montaigne in a famous letter.
Justice Robert Sharpe chastised the Crown for acting as if the Metis were a fictional people and wrote "While I do not doubt there has been considerable uncertainty about the nature and scope of Metis rights, this is hardly a reason to deny their existence.
A partner in KPMG Corporate Finance, Barrett was recently promoted to vice-chairman - after being chastised mercilessly in both volumes of the late Lord's memoirs for his part in a Home Office inquiry into possible Tote privatisation.
Sun CEO Scott McNealy, able as always to spot a PR opportunity, let slip the name 'Corona' to analysts last week, and allowed himself to be gently chastised by his publicity department.
Only days before a transatlantic summit, the European Union has chastised Washington for threatening trade sanctions instead of calling on the World Trade Organisation to settle their banana dispute.