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Her boss may value the contribution of her main chastiser but he also values hers.
LSJ assigns this particular instance of [GREEK TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] the general meaning of `corrector, chastiser, Judge'.
Along with the expectation of such a pope came the call in the 1380s for a second Charlemagne - whether French or German remained at issue - who would be the chastiser of Antichrist and the restorer of a truly holy Roman empire.
60) We see here a shift away from the image of a divine chastiser to the insight that final punishment and suffering arises from sinners themselves.
Partners-in-crime, like-minded lunatics, supporters, enablers, chastisers.
This paper sees this generation of poets, after the 1960 Nigerian independence, as chastisers, visionaries, inspirers and prophets of change in the country's political and sociological landscape.