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He chastises Greenspan for his cavalier attitude on increased regulation and disclosure of derivatives, even as he was condoning the Fed's participation in the rescue.
Sometimes the consultant rattles off a dozen or so instructions in less than a minute, then loudly chastises us for not immediately following them.
When Sugiyama tries to engage Mai romantically, she chastises him for using dance to reach her.
Although Klawitter chastises other critics for not appreciating that Donne's enigmatic poetry can be read homoerotically, his own interpretations may rely upon reductive and self-serving assumptions.
We see a portent of his future greatness when he chastises his classmates for their utilitarian approach to an education.
We need to stop being professional black Republicans who are only concerned about getting positions and government contracts," Garrett chastises.
who actually once worked as an enforcer for the notorious Kray brothers' mob) and Big Chris (soccer bad boy Vinnie Jones), who chastises blokes he's torturing if they curse in front of Little Chris (Peter McNicholl), the young son he dotes on and brings to all of his assignments.
Those who have ever felt treated with condescension by a colleague should read letter #1579, in which Beda chastises Erasmus for not following the scholastic theologians, for publishing new books endlessly - none of which the church needs - and for not retracting his questionable views as St.
Then it was Cybill Shepherd saying that the networks are going to cancel her show because they think she is too old, and finally last week Iris Chang chastises American novelists and Hollywood for not immortalizing ``The Rape of Nanking.