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The messages disappear after 24 hours, so if nobody says anything for that amount of time the chat will disappear as well.
They can also share an Open Chat link at online marketplaces instead of exposing personal information, such as phone numbers and IDs, when selling or purchasing second-hand items.
Women's chat rooms tend to be much more populated in the evenings--when they get home from work, I'm guessing.
We have a chat-room manager, a scheduler, a chat host recruiter and a senior coordinator whose dedication to Bonjour Paris makes order out of what could be chaos in cyberspace.
On five separate evenings, I logged chat rooms for the entire night and found that at least two-thirds of the chat is flirtatious or sex-related.
Live chat is like a phone conversation in which anyone can pick up an extension and join in.
Both sites have moderators to monitor the chat area for your safety.
While some gay men and lesbians say they don't like the idea of not seeing whom they're talking to, the vast majority of on-line denizens say rubbing elbows in a chat room is just as "real" -- if not more so -- as lolling around listlessly in stand-and-pose bars.