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After finding their telephone handset outside the house, the couple dialled the last number called - and were horrified when a husky-voiced live sex chat line operator answered.
John was contacted through the chat line by Kevin Clash, who said his name was Craig and he was 30 years old.
He claimed that after speaking with the youth on the chat line, they arranged to meet at a Newcastle bus stop.
Smith said the chamber will keep trying to sever its connection to the chat line.
But the chat line had a few rules - no personal details, no swearing, no profanity - and Peter broke the regulations by speaking his beloved's name.
Mr Hughes told a national newspaper he had had male sexual partners when confronted with evidence he had used a gay chat line, after previously denying he was gay.
The bachelor told The Sun yesterday he had had sexual relations with both men and women, and had used a gay phone chat line.
Maxcey was accused of paying a woman $250 for sex and using his university-issued cell phone to make 90 calls to a dating chat line.
NSA Agent Daniel Chaplain completes a case only to see the name Isabella Q appear on a sex chat line that is on the open web page of a computer of the enemy along with an electronic message from Lokus, Cyber Soldier, the premier hacker in the world.
The victim received dozens of phone calls from interested men, and one showed up outside her home, claiming she invited him over on the chat line.
The Corcoran Chat Line will have a broker available from 9 a.
Instead the personal missive was posted to the main chat line and was soon the subject of much hilarity and ridicule.