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The examples in this analysis originated in the simplest form of chat mode synchronous CMC.
The chat mode will undoubtedly be eclipsed by something else, for the computer and its networks are not simply telephones attached to keyboards.
EnviroLink's extensive offerings include environmental news, databases, a large catalog of environmental publications, discussion groups, mail, online environmental action capabilities, and a chat mode that allows users to gather in electronic conference rooms and converse online.
Private Chat mode can also use noise cancelling technology to focus on a single voice, while Conference Call mode opens the audio capture field to 360 degrees around the notebook, allowing for multiple user interaction in the room.
In chat mode, DiscoRobo responds to typed questions with witty remarks.
For example, scheduled screen recording to supervise work activity of employees, audio and video chat mode for interactive communication with a remote employee, remote installation and inventory allowing users to collect technical information about a remote computer.