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It introduces an idea called Chat Heads, a new kind of chat mode that keeps your contacts in sight - at the edge of your screen - even when you're using another app for something else.
It's just a shame there's no voice chat mode for you to taunt the opposition.
By this time some of the regulars had danced themselves out enough to be in chat mode.
Once connected, the student can see me, and we can communicate back and forth via a text chat mode built into the program or through other text chat programs.
The examples in this analysis originated in the simplest form of chat mode synchronous CMC.
The chat mode will undoubtedly be eclipsed by something else, for the computer and its networks are not simply telephones attached to keyboards.
EnviroLink's extensive offerings include environmental news, databases, a large catalog of environmental publications, discussion groups, mail, online environmental action capabilities, and a chat mode that allows users to gather in electronic conference rooms and converse online.