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You can get more than a few friends in the chat, up to 32 users can all be in the same chat in the app.
People with the same interests can also converse with each other on Open Chat through links posted on social media and other websites.
Because we have weekly French lessons on the site, we have many French chats including those for beginners.
For fast-paced interaction, turn to one of the Internet's real-time services: instant messaging and live chat [see box below].
Your parents must send in their approval so you won't be able to chat for at least two days.
I think a lot of kids feel safe there,'' says Dan Gilbreath, a chat room monitor.
com is the first website to offer live mortgage chat with over 100 banks and brokerage firms.
Paltalk uses patented technology to allow users to communicate through video, voice and text in chat rooms they create and can hold thousands of people.
Hosts can also reject or ban users from public chats and set rules on who can participate and observe the conversation in progress.
com; a chat based mortgage "shopping mall" with instant live access to over one hundred mortgage companies.
Currently, only 50 Chat University clients also use Hobsons' technology services.
As America votes, Cingular Wireless customers will have the opportunity to participate in text chats with each finalist as they are eliminated from the show.