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An item of Personal Property that is movable; it may be animate or inanimate.

Chattels are synonymous with goods or personalty.

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n. an item of personal property which is movable, as distinguished from real property (land and improvements).

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in English law, any property other than freehold land. Interests in land that are not freehold maybe called chattels real. Moveable corporeal articles of property are chattels personal. See GOODS.
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'Unspeakably atrocious,' was how Robert Ellsberg described the condition of the chattel slaves in Saint Peter Claver, Missioner to Slaves.
Having considered these three cases, the Judge concluded that a term should be implied into the lease that a part of the demised premises which is justifiably removed by the tenant from the premises, and becomes a chattel, in accordance with the tenant's covenant to repair the premises, and which has substantial value, becomes the property of the landlord.
The limited secondary market for chattel loans means that most are held in lenders' portfolios.
To prove private necessity, the indigent sick need to show that a charity's act of distributing patented essential medicines to them is "an act which would otherwise be a trespass to the chattel of [the drug company] or a conversion of it[, and that] it is or is reasonably believed to be reasonable and necessary to protect the person...
Generally, for the finder to claim the found chattel, he or she needs permission to be on the land.
chattels secured by a Commercial Business Mortgage (such as goods) should be existing and identified and cannot be changed after the perfection of the mortgage, but the chattels secured by a Chattel Mortgage may include future chattels and are to be identified at the time of enforcement.
(1) With so many objects in the world, it is a marvel that one rarely, if ever, confronts a chattel for which the question "Do I own this?" proves difficult.
That means that many of those defined as "chattel"--people who still live in Canada--are being actively denied Canadian citizenship, and all the rights that go with it.
(56) Moreover, when confronted with illegal dumping of sufficient magnitude, the state sometimes opts to identify the owner of the property and force her to retake possession of her unwanted chattel. This is what has occurred, for example, in a number of cases involving derelict boats.
By the law of the slave states he may have become a chattel, but by nature he was in truth a human person.
* Generally, trespass to chattel punishes one who interferes with the use of another's personal property, or chattel.