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It is nothing short of staggering to envisage over two hundred million persons chattering away into these little contraptions in diverse places, oblivious of their surroundings or the people around them!
But all those niceties have just been thrown out of the window by our chattering classes.
"I fear that many people outside of London do see it as a chattering classes issue in London and that is a negative to progress.
The dwindling population has led the RSPB to place the species on their "red list" of high concern along with the CHATTERING: house sparrow.
It's not the first time Mr Hain has mocked the claims of the "chattering classes".
The rant went on for a couple of minutes and ended with: "Talk about the chattering bloody classes..."
The Amada PCSAW330 Single Pulse-Cutting Bandsaw reduces cutting resistance by pulsing in the downward direction of the blade and is part of a new range of band-saws that can dramatically reduce production cutting times, blade chattering and noise levels.
The 'chattering' is portrayed as a source of solidarity and support among women activists.
A brief portion, "Conflict," featured the pair chattering about the pitfalls of marriage while slyly maneuvering around a kitchen table.
Our mind is always chattering even when we are quiet.
In the 1980s, a new critical term was popularised by Margaret Thatcher--the chattering class--a pejorative term for the "new class".
Since there is no internal sliding or loose parts to slam or vibrates, chattering is eliminated and operation is silent.