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Maged praised chatting as a cheaper means of communication, saying that: "one can chat and do other things in the network like researching, sending emails.
These widgets, such as those tied to Meebo Rooms, can be placed on websites and work much like chat rooms, where users can begin chatting instantly.
Often men's chat rooms will be populated with 99 men, but if you watch the screens, they're not really scrolling very quickly because the men aren't chatting in the rooms, they're chatting with each other [in private message sessions].
A smooth-talking tango might just seal the deal, so we have the scoop on chatting with crushes--what works, what doesn't and the lowdown on the unwritten rules.
Not so long ago, hearing the words the "chatting teenage girl" may have instantly brought to mind the image of a girl with a telephone handset pressed to her ear.
The new NataChata Teen service - aimed at teenagers of both sexes - is capable of chatting to users about a range of topics that teenagers like to chat about.
It has grown from 200,000 to close to 800,000 unique visitors a month, each of whom spend, on average, four minutes on the site chatting, searching, and reading.
Your parents must fax/mail it to Freezone before you start chatting.
A major difference (and great attraction) to chatting online is its reach far beyond a local astronomy club.
- Group chatting and calling for Stand-alone version
Users can also search to find out who is chatting, or they can access a chat directly through its customized URL.
Snapshot, the photo-messaging app, has gotten a bit more interesting by updating two very useful features: the ability to chat via text messaging and video chatting.