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She met Prince Vasili with that playful manner often employed by lively chatty people, and consisting in the assumption that between the person they so address and themselves there are some semi-private, long-established jokes and amusing reminiscences, though no such reminiscences really exist- just as none existed in this case.
Will Ladislaw had written chatty letters, half to her and half to Lydgate, and she had replied: their separation, she felt, was not likely to be final, and the change she now most longed for was that Lydgate should go to live in London; everything would be agreeable in London; and she had set to work with quiet determination to win this result, when there came a sudden, delightful promise which inspirited her.
Bloomfield had been very attentive and civil to me; and till now I had thought her a nice, kind-hearted, chatty old body.
He uttered these words loud enough for the chatty guard, who was at his heels, to overhear him.
Now, Tim and Miss La Creevy had met very often, and had always been very chatty and pleasant together--had always been great friends-- and consequently it was the most natural thing in the world that Tim, finding that she still sobbed, should endeavour to console her.
My mother, as usual, was cheerful and chatty, full of activity and good-nature, and only faulty in being too anxious to make her guests happy, thereby forcing several of them to do what their soul abhorred in the way of eating or drinking, sitting opposite the blazing fire, or talking when they would be silent.
Rout likewise wrote letters; only no one on board knew how chatty he could be pen in hand, because the chief engineer had enough imagination to keep his desk locked.
said the chatty old woman, her eye brightening with exultation.
A happy and a chatty man was Pa in his new clothes that day.
Chatty had claimed he was planning to travel to a gathering of Salafi Muslims in Birmingham but organisers said they were not aware of the man and condemned all acts of terrorism.
A CIA source had said that Swedish security officials told him of the plot and were searching for four other men who were acting with Karem Chatty.
The authors demonstrate greater sophistication in their handling of music than in the chatty between-numbers dialogue, which sometimes has the feel of a well-meaning civics lesson.