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It is a strong step taken in favour of those fierce and powerful women who defied male chauvinism.
After all, the political majority that Modi needs to pursue his economic policies depends on the organizational capacity of the very people whose chauvinism is undermining him.
chauvinism that runs through Whitehall and Westminster like words on a stick of rock Why, privatise it of course, and hand over buckets of cash to our fat-cat financier chums - and no chance of high-speed rail in your lifetime, sunshine
Some organizations like the PUCL, Tamil Nadu Women's Fish Workers' Forum, Citizens Collective Against Sexual Assault have rightly said that a rape is a weapon of male chauvinism and violence rather than something related with character and morality.
Macedonia is also hampered due to the chauvinism of all Balkan nations and due to the frightening disregard the great powers demonstrate but most of all due to the incapableness of Macedonian politicians to act properly and work for the interests of the Macedonian citizens.
The tyranny of tradition and chauvinism is brilliantly exposed in this passionate plea for human understanding.
Herath called for the banishing of male chauvinism from the Sri Dalada Maligawa and its precincts and stated that since a woman bore Prince Siddhartha who as the Buddha gave utmost respect to women there was no reason why women should be debarred from taking care of the Buddha's tooth relic.
Such sites as Diesel and Parus spread chauvinism and incite interethnic strife.
Ali Douglas, Sky Sports presenter, said: "As a woman working in football for past 10 years, I've (at times) been at hands of some appalling chauvinism, even bullying.
It's "nothing but an expression of male chauvinism," said Scaria, a member of the Sisters of Charity of Jesus and Mary.
In throwing his support behind the bill, State Superintendent for Public Instruction Tom Horne said ethnic studies programs promoted "ethnic chauvinism.
Those bastions of male chauvinism, the men only bars, were still excluding women, in spirit if not in practice.