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THE EXCHANGES over the supposedly, chauvinistic slogans chanted by new recruits at National Guard training camps has predictably turned into a farce, with deputies now demanding explanations from Defence Minister Costas Papacostas.
PHILIP GLENISTER is back as the chauvinistic DCI Gene Hunt begrudgingly continuing to work alongside troubled DI Alex Drake in the 1980s, London-set spin-off from Life On Mars.
If the European Union delivers the goods, I am not opposed to it on any nationalistic or chauvinistic grounds.
But then your chauvinistic attitude towards women has shown.
Members of the group, called the National Chauvinistic Husband's Association, have the goal of making their true feelings known to their wives, thereby changing the nation's culture of hiding one's emotions.
Nor is it chauvinistic to say that certain religious views should be deal breakers in and of themselves.
I am incensed at the chauvinistic comment by Elizabeth Potter regarding the harassment of a female firefighter.
Irritated that the biggest catchphrase among her male colleagues was Larry the Cable Guy's git-r-done," comedian Cathy Carlson decided it was time for a smutty, chauvinistic catchphrase of our own.
Not only homophobic but racist, chauvinistic, unfair, unjust.
Other than the fact that many organisations are dominated by men, in terms of numbers, I have yet to come across a situation where a chauvinistic or sexist attitude has been apparent.
The controversies he treats include Madame Curie's battles with the chauvinistic French science community and affair with a married scientist after Pierre's death.