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Also, Greece's absurd chauvinistic policy towards Macedonia surpassed all absurdities and civilization limits of conduct and therefore this crisis must be used to redefine the relations in the European Union, says Jovanov.
But we consider them to be above all way too arrogant, aggressive, flirtatious, stressed, chauvinistic, snobbish, and self-regarding than other French people," it was added.
Pioneering cricket historian Dr Philippa Velija, pictured right, gave the provocatively titled talk They're all male chauvinistic chumps - Howzat for a view?
Heigl, the film's co-star, turned up in a green Naeem Khan dress and insisted her co-star Gerard Butler was a romantic at heart despite the chauvinistic character he played in the film.
In Lost, Kim portrays a chauvinistic thug who is overly protective of his wife, Sun.
Her answer to this dilemma, which draws on ideas from Plato, Rousseau, and contemporary feminist theory, lies in the idea that democratic citizens can be educated in their capacities for both reason and passion such that flag-waving, for example, "will symbolize neither chauvinistic pride nor silent obedience but rather a national passion for global justice and vigorous debate.
Therefore, there is nobody who can accuse me of adopting any stance which could be identified as either Francophobia or chauvinistic.
MANCHESTER cobbler Henry Hobson has been getting away with it for years - but his eldest daughter finally has enough of his pompous, chauvinistic, miserly and bullying behaviour.
Even more chauvinistic is Lincoln Portrait, a cringe-making work for narrator and orchestra, especially if you listen too closely to the text.
When I first read the script, I had a rather chauvinistic point of view about it,'' says the often-daring actress (``Blue Velvet,'' ``Rambling Rose''), who after several high-profile engagements recently started her own family with musician Ben Harper.
They are chauvinistic and arrogant, they look down on everybody and, in one U21 game I found the attitude of the players and spectators intolerable.
I'M all for intelligent women smashing the chauvinistic male bastion that is television, but it does take a gargantuan leap of the imagination to see Mariella Frostrup following in the footsteps of Robin Day and David Dimbleby to host Panorama.