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It didn't take long for England's new poet laureate to respond--vehemently and chauvinistically.
Indeed, Gibson chauvinistically assumes that his audience is thoroughly familiar with the events of Christ's passion and its spiritual significance as he sees them.
But Isaac McCaslin quickly puts his fears to rest, asserting almost chauvinistically that in time the country will meet the challenges posed by Hitler, or "one Austrian paper-hanger, no matter what he will be calling himself " (GDM 323).
The redundancy presumed between feeling a part of a community and feeling similar to community members results in a dilemma: Is it the positive feeling of being part of the wider community or the negative feeling of, perhaps chauvinistically, excluding others that contributes to the effect of the construct?
In a time period when it would be convenient to chauvinistically focus on a "patriotic" (or better yet, jingoistic) tone, you have chosen to focus on the multicultural perspectives that make up our world.