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You will find, however, Miss Morland, it would be reckoned a cheap thing by some people, for I might have sold it for ten guineas more the next day; Jackson, of Oriel, bid me sixty at once; Morland was with me at the time.
We got to go rollin' down to Rio as well as sing about it to a lot of cheap skates.
If my father had consulted his means, I should have been sent to a cheap commercial academy; but he had to consult his relationship to Lady Malkinshaw; so I was sent to one of the most fashionable and famous of the great public schools.
Things are just as cheap in Sweden, Axel, as in Norway, and my folks are real country folk and farmers.
I sleep in cheap lodging houses," the Bishop went on.
And this made books so cheap that many more people could buy them, and so people were encouraged both to read and write.
He wiped the dishes and listened to my mistress tell about the cheap, ragged things the lady with the squirrel-skin coat on the second floor hung out on her line to dry.
She used to stay in the country as a child, and the impression she had retained of it was that the country was a refuge from all the unpleasantness of the town, that life there, though not luxurious--Dolly could easily make up her mind to that--was cheap and comfortable; that there was plenty of everything, everything was cheap, everything could be got, and children were happy.
I got the new coat as cheap as I could, and I went through all the rest of it as cheap as I could.
I get my bread by drawing and engraving on wood for the cheap periodicals.
I present it, unaltered, in the Cheap Edition; and such of my opinions as it expresses, are quite unaltered too.
I don't deny,' added Bitzer, 'that my schooling was cheap.