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Banks want cheap money for themselves, draconian terms for others.
However, what shocking double standards are being touted in Cardiff West by Councillors Berman and McEvoy, who in Cardiff East had made the community's life sheer misery over the past two years in their quest to destroy the Rumney Recreational Ground to make a source of cheap money for council funds.
There was so much cheap money out there and anyone with a pulse could get it.
But those players were merely responding to the incentives provided by cheap money (courtesy of the Federal Reserve) and rapidly increasing property values.
Like most western politicians, he has become infected with the cheap money mania, and in this respect we fear his abilities will prove unfortunate rather than otherwise for the country.
I recently saw that when the Fed began lowering the Fed funds rate to I percent, everyone began rushing in after the cheap money through refinancing their homes to the tune of $1 trillion.
When fears were expressed this week that Britain could see yet another surge in house prices, the easy explanation was to blame the availability of too much cheap money.
It's kind of a skill to find coot clothes for cheap money," says Bettridge.
According to Glass's Information Services, publisher of the motor industry's used car values "bible", the drop in prices of cars aged 7-14 years old is being driven by the fact that younger vehicles have become more affordable thanks to the ready availability of cheap money fuelled by low interest rates.
As the 19th century wore on, parties such as the Greenbacks and Populists made strong showings by standing up for constituents and beliefs that the Republicans and Democrats ignored--especially farmers and their demand for cheap money.
Cheap money for customers is like heroin; once they're hooked, it takes a long, painful withdrawal before they're over it.
Manikandan, secretary of the tribal council, said pressuring famished tribals to barter their kidneys for cheap money "is the ugliest form of exploitation.