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Weatherfield may have lost much of its magic and believability-possibly around the time Les Battersby first appeared - but soaps undoubtedly lose something and are cheapened when their actors pop up elsewhere on the box.
And that's definitely true, but there's a newer kind of cheapened emotion in the movie.
A world of Murdochian media and a dumbed down, cheapened BBC is a nightmare vision
She has never cheapened that relationship the way so many of us feel we have the right to.
BLACK Eyed Peas star Fergie has blasted critics who believe she has cheapened the band and failed to pull her weight.
Knighting him is probably a bit excessive and OBEs have been cheapened recently.
Education: When Colleges Compete on Price, the Experience is Cheapened 3.
Then, if you've eaten a fair share of Big Mac value meals yourself, you worry how you've cheapened your own mortality for the unwholesome combo of two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese; pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun.
For example, when the sexual encounter is separated, when it becomes entertainment, or a multi-million dollar industry such as pornography, it is cheapened, desecrated, and the result is disorder, chaos, alienation, disillusionment, division, and sometimes death.
He has cheapened newspapers with naked models, cheapened television (if that's possible) with "Temptation Island" and "Joe Millionaire," and cheapened journalism with news anchors on Fox like Neal Cavuto who, after Baghdad fell, taunted those who opposed the war by saying, "You were sickening then; you are sickening now.
When the amount of currency is increased, the value of currency already in circulation is cheapened.
But creativity -- like everything else these days -- has become a commodity, its sacredness cheapened by shameless packaging and seemingly wanton availability.