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I'm hoping this is something where boxing is celebrated because it's not my intention to cheapen the sport or show it up.
We investigate all allegations which are made thoroughly as any attempts at cheating devalues and cheapens the majority of degrees which are rightly earned by our hardworking students.
While the world goes through an excess in the sale of natural gas and cheapens the cost of the fuel, in Brazil it's the opposite.
WHEN Joe Riley (ECHO, May 19) uses a review of one artist to make snide remarks about two others who are not part of the programme being reviewed, he cheapens the praise he gives to the artist he is reviewing and casts doubt upon his own objectivity.
If you are doing beautiful dancing, you don't want to suddenly come across with this blatant slapstick moment that cheapens the whole thing," says Garter.
Worst of all, it cheapens alcohol and what it's really meant to do -- generate anti- Semitism.
The idea that disability compensation is some kind of income security or welfare program cheapens the service and sacrifice of disabled veterans.
Most critics feel that once Tom Sawyer shows up, Huckleberry Finn devolves into little more than minstrel-show satire and broad comedy that cheapens the deep, transgressive bond that has evolved between Huck and Jim.
Race is a gigantic problem in our society and our failure to bridge racial divides cheapens all of our lives.
Unfortunately however, despite his own reluctance to overstate the significance of his work, the sycophantic questioning and posturing about the form of his latest sanitary range by members of the international design press would indicate that certain sections of the so-called elitist design world are very, very confused; design and style have always shared a thin boundary, however, over-popularizing design into something merely visual cheapens a discipline that at its best derives beauty from a rigorous and intellectually robust series of processes and decisions.
But it just cheapens the sport to allow name changes when a greyhound has already made its original name.
But a co-executor for the Brando estate, Mike Medavoy, claimed: "The last thing I'm going to do is something that cheapens Marlon's image.