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She could not sew well and so did not make the necessary things for the baby; she told Philip it was much cheaper in the end to buy them.
If they'd asked about wages for drivers, an' about horse-shoein' prices, I'd a-had to come down; because, you see, they ain't no teamsters' union in the country, an' no horseshoers' union, an' rent is low, an' them two items come a whole lot cheaper. Huh!
"I have been turning Selina Goby over in my mind," I said, "and I think, my lady, it will be cheaper to marry her than to keep her."
In such a neighborhood as this, boards and shingles, lime and bricks, are cheaper and more easily obtained than suitable caves, or whole logs, or bark in sufficient quantities, or even well-tempered clay or flat stones.
Here was heroism at its last and loftiest possibility, its utmost summit; this was challenging death in the open field unarmed, with all the odds against the challenger, no reward set upon the contest, and no admiring world in silks and cloth of gold to gaze and applaud; and yet the king's bear- ing was as serenely brave as it had always been in those cheaper contests where knight meets knight in equal fight and clothed in protecting steel.
One can lay in ancestors at even cheaper rates than these, in Europe, if he will mouse among old picture shops and look out for chances.
Asda has created a clear gap on price to the rest of the big four - picking up its seventh straight Grocer 33 pricing win this week and coming in almost a tenner cheaper than its rivals.
From opting for a cheaper bag of crisps to cooking homemade food, making small changes have saved them a fortune.
Reports and smartphone ( sales data both point to the same thing: the demand for pricier and more advanced smartphones are slowing down, indicating the people's longing for cheaper smartphone options.
figure By CHARLES LWANGA Drought has wiped out the benefits of cheaper electricity from Sh83 billion solar and wind power plants, translating into higher bills for homes and businesses.The drought, which follows low rainfall during the October and November rainy season, has left at least 1.
DRIVERS get the best deal when they fill up in the North East - thanks to cheaper supermarket fuel.
When compared to the world's six costliest cities, Dubai was 53 to 58 percent cheaper than the Swiss cities of Basel, Zurich, Lausanne, Bern, Geneva and Lugano, which were rated the costliest cities in the world, in terms of prices of groceries and restaurants.