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The counterpoint to the rather staid Zeus-doings, and not in the least compulsory, were the literary gatherings Swan and I staged at home in the cheapish fixer-up ranch house we had moved into on Texas Lane, where we still live thirty-odd years later.
They'll be happy in cheapish multi-purpose compost, so don't worry about so-called "specialist" stuff which is stupidly expensive and no better.
Poke around a bit and you can still find patches of cheapish plastic, but the stuff on view is much better.
Even our cheapish taxis cannot compete on a car's value and definitely not on its convenience.
The same firm's Challengers index has Charles Howell as a cheapish buy at 12 - he's 15 on a similar list with Sporting - and last year's 16th place must give him some sort of chance given Sunday's ninth place at Disney.
It is also true that to save the effort of returning a cheapish specimen, people might not return it, even though they do not like it.
So choice is limited if you want a cheapish, small, family hatch with four-wheel-drive versatility.
We prepare them very simply indeed with the free Microsoft Producer software and a cheapish digital camera.
English Studies became, as Eagleton puts it some pages later, "a way of providing a cheapish 'liberal' education for those beyond the charmed circles of public school and Oxbridge" (1996: 27).
On the issue of photovoltaic (solar electric power) systems, given that you have access to the power grid I would recommend buying EcoPower as a quick, cheapish and effective way of sending your `consuming choices' message to the market.