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Is it not true that a machine-loom will weave more cloth and weave more cheaply than a hand-loom?
Let us not destroy those wonderful machines that produce efficiently and cheaply.
For many people, when it comes to some of the things they use day in and out, they would much rather have something that's high quality that they can rely on over something cheaply made and easily broken.
They lost opener Jagadeesh Kundar cheaply with the score on 10, but the second wicket partnership between captain Vineeth Vishwanathan (26) and Rejas Khan (26) steadied their innings and took the score to 46 after seven overs.
ban agreements between price comparison websites and insurers which stop insurers from making their products available more cheaply on other online platforms
UniBulkBuy is a new company delivering everyday household essentials cheaply and in bulk to student houses.
3 billion sell-o of Royal Mail, which sparked complaints that the coalition sold shares too cheaply.
I READ the anonymous letter about being able to eat cheaply, and by implication, the ability of people to reduce the need for foodbanks (You can eat cheaply, ECHO, April 17).
Qatar openers failed to provide a good start to their team and were bowled out cheaply and same was the case with most of the players who even did not reach the double figures.
I told him I could bring him big exclusive stories cheaply which was the ker-ching moment.
I got onto voicemails and interception and I told him I had a lot of commercially sensitive data in my head and how things worKed at the Sunday Mirror and I could bring him big exclusive stories cheaply, which was the Kerching moment.
Crop subsidies that allow highly processed, hyperpalatable, hypercalorific foods to be sold cheaply is an important factor in overweight, while food subsidies that allow for imported and nutritionally-lacking food to be sold cheaply mean that poverty and overnutrition often go hand-in-hand.