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It is fair to say, then, that finally the "second-hand" car is emblematic not of his cheapness or his excessive parsimony but of his betrayal of himself.
That cheapness ended in December as subsidies were lifted.
The appeal to many couples of travelling abroad is the relative cheapness of a cycle of treatment.
The mentality of cheapness has existed, I believe, since after the First World War and resumed after WWII.
The cheapness of his overs as well was very important.
I can only hope their cheapness of design is echoed in their price, as they appear to come as a flat-pack option
He said: "The lesson of iTunes and Spotify is that what people want is ease of use and convenience and cheapness.
Graphite has found its place in diverse industries specially refractory industries because of its resistance to thermal shocks and corrosion, low density, high strength to weight ratios at high temperatures, sufficiency, and cheapness.
While the cheapness of gas has made it a favoured choice for power plants compared to fuel oil, it has done little to encourage import deals or drilling during a near four-fold rise in demand in the last decade.
But the cheapness of cigarettes in Iraq--a pack can cost as little as 25 cents -makes smoking a tempting vice.
This is mainly due to the cheapness of imports, especially from China.
Hostels must blend cheapness with quality to survive, because many other cheap options are emerging.