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This almost incredible cheapness of telephony is still far from being generally perceived, mainly for psychological reasons.
If we recall the cheapness of government securities under the Empire, and the liberality of Napoleon towards those of his faithful servants who knew how to ask for it, we can readily see that the Baron di Piombo must have been a man of stern integrity.
The fruit, which ranks high in food value, is one of the staple foods of the less well-to-do, and because of its cheapness and nutritive value forms one of the principal rations of both armies and navies upon Barsoom, a use which has won for it a Martian sobriquet which, freely translated into English, would be, The Fighting Potato.
Some were yet bargaining for good places, and stood in them in a state of indecision: gazing at the slowly-swelling crowd, and at the workmen as they rested listlessly against the scaffold-- affecting to listen with indifference to the proprietor's eulogy of the commanding view his house afforded, and the surpassing cheapness of his terms.
Let us profit by their efficiency and cheapness. Let us run them for ourselves.
As to roast fowls, Miss, why you must be quite surfeited with roast fowls, letting alone your buying, when you market for yourself, the agedest of poultry with the scaliest of legs, quite as if you was accustomed to picking 'em out for cheapness. Try a little inwention, Miss.
Its tenderness and flavour, size and cheapness, were the themes of universal admiration.
In short, Great Britain was now producing the best and most iron in the world, and since iron could be used for building machinery of all kinds, thanks to its combination of strength and cheapness, Great Britain was set for what would be called the Industrial Revolution.
[built] around the ideas that complexity and technology were bad and that simplicity and cheapness w >;ere good." He argues: "The tremendous American edge in technology is an inherent advantage provided by our culture and our economic system.
Company specialists analyzed average cost of 1GB of mobile Internet in USD and created a world map of expensiveness and cheapness of Internet traffic in the world.
Secondly, low taxes on tobacco products caused cheapness of cigarettes and their availability, which led to their excessive consumption of them.
She said, 'She's five years old, and before anything else, do you really think that exposing her to this kind of limelight, to this kind of ka-cheapan (cheapness), will be good for her?'