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But one, Sedgewick Bell (Emile Hirsch), the spoiled son of a senator, resists the classical virtues, preferring to cheat or bully his way to the top.
Although students say they know cheating will not benefit them in the long run, the poll shows students are more likely to cheat the older they get.
Students still filch exams, sneak glances at other students' tests or carry cheat sheets with them into the classroom.
In fact, this summer, McAfee, an online security software maker, surveyed over 1,200 high school students and found that one in three teens admitted to using their cellphones to cheat in school at least once.
Many wonder if it is possible to cheat in the game and find Overwatch aimbot and the answer is yes.
com/who-most-likely-cheat-top-9-jobs-unfaithful-people-have-according-survey-402340) some people may be more likely to cheat on their partners than others .
Fifty percent of Filipino cheaters said they would cheat if they could get away with it, according to a study conducted by Netflix.
Niantic, provider of "Pokemon Go," has been caught in a dilemma over the increasing use of cheat apps, according to the game industry, Monday.
Two-thirds (64%) would cheat more often if they thought they could get away with it.
The result is a collection of surprising anecdotes about how frequently people cheat and what drives them to do so (thankfully, the incriminating evidence of our tendency toward cheating applies only to "other people," not the reader).
2 million Brits bricking it in case hackers reveal they signed up to Ashley Madison - the website that helps them cheat on their partners.
Vignettes are used to examine the relation between students observing faculty actions and students' attitude that it is okay to cheat.