check thoroughly

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It would also be fitting to check thoroughly the health condition of the five victims after spinal fluid was removed from their bodies by the chicanery of a five-member gang.
The CCPO directed officials to check thoroughly all vehicles at entry and exit points to maintain law and order in the city besides keeping a vigilant eye on any suspicious activity.
The PDEA chief said that his office will continue with the revalidation by asking the PNP to check thoroughly all the names to include in the President's narco-list before sending them back to Malacanang.
A very agreeable cat may allow you to do a quick oral exam--which starts with you raising her upper lip with a finger while drawing down on the lower lip with your thumb so you can see the gums--but often some sedation is required to check thoroughly, including under the tongue.
So please check thoroughly - of course you can always cut the hedges that are bird-free - as always, common sense is the key.
Al Tanak pointed out that there are consumers who check thoroughly the details of the licence, especially when striking big deals with companies and corporations.
Tenders are invited for the planned preventative maintenance programme shall consist of four (4) maintenance visits a year (three (3) quarterly and a quarterly and annual service) to check thoroughly all the items scheduled in appendix 1 and as set out here in these work requirements.
Dr Burshid urged companies to only transfer funds to bank accounts that they recognise, and to check thoroughly before transferring money to brand new bank accounts, or those that have recently had a change in details.
Summary: RIYADH: A medical symposium on breast cancer ended on Wednesday with a warning note for women to take check thoroughly for symptoms of the disease when they reach the age of 40 years.
The CEO insists his company, which has been declared insolvent, has money for the purchase, but wants first to check thoroughly the real condition and state of Kremikovzi in order to make sure he can have a return on the investment and the mill can really produce something that can be sold on the world market.
Your friends may not have needed a deposit but you will need one and lenders will now check thoroughly to ensure you can afford the repayments.
We will check thoroughly if there's any money from China behind the consortium by the end of March, and complete the review by the first half of this year if all the papers required are submitted," the country's deputy economic minister Jung-Chiou Hwang said.