check thoroughly

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He appealed consumers to check thoroughly the items before buying them as some bear indecent terms, which cause embarrassment, in contradiction with the policies and rules enforced in UAE.
Tenders are invited for the planned preventative maintenance programme shall consist of four (4) maintenance visits a year (three (3) quarterly and a quarterly and annual service) to check thoroughly all the items scheduled in appendix 1 and as set out here in these work requirements.
Dr Burshid urged companies to only transfer funds to bank accounts that they recognise, and to check thoroughly before transferring money to brand new bank accounts, or those that have recently had a change in details.
In view of this, he also given instruction to Live stock department that they should check thoroughly all those cattle's that are entering in city while they all must be sprayed respectively.
Summary: RIYADH: A medical symposium on breast cancer ended on Wednesday with a warning note for women to take check thoroughly for symptoms of the disease when they reach the age of 40 years.
He said besides the trials the age verification documents would also be check thoroughly in order to send genuine players in the proper age group.
The CEO insists his company, which has been declared insolvent, has money for the purchase, but wants first to check thoroughly the real condition and state of Kremikovzi in order to make sure he can have a return on the investment and the mill can really produce something that can be sold on the world market.
Your friends may not have needed a deposit but you will need one and lenders will now check thoroughly to ensure you can afford the repayments.
Builders wanting to get away with dodgy work rely on those who hire them being either too busy or too naive to check thoroughly, so if you are new to property or an old hand, a little bit of research will stand you in good stead.
Mr Moody said firms should check thoroughly the identity and address of candidates, use work-based tests to check their competency and insist on seeing original certificates for all relevant qualifications.
If stabled, check thoroughly for anything that could cause potential injury such as protruding nails and string.
Whenever buying an off-roader, always check thoroughly underneath for damage.