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In January, the SEC chose to include medical check-ups as a requirement for eligibility as a candidate, resulting in the objection of several political parties due to the costs of medical tests , which are estimated at 6,000 EGP per candidate.
15, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- When kids are active and physically healthy, it's easy for parents to put off regular check-ups with their pediatrician.
According to recent research survey conducted by Oral-B and Crest, almost 40 per cent of respondents from the UAE had not visited the dentist in over two years, 19 per cent of which stated that their last dental check-up was conducted almost four years ago.
It is frightening enough to have cancer without worrying you could develop secondary cancers because the signs were not spotted at your check-ups.
If the dentist indicates there is no improvement at the six month check-up, Crest and Oral-B will pay for the visit*.
Volkswagen Middle East is offering Volkswagen car owners free vehicle check-ups by its service clinic experts regardless of the model or the year of the car.
The investigators studied groups receiving yearly check-ups and compared them with groups that did not receive them.
At the Al-Zahrani center, administered by the Interior Ministry, Ahmad al-Masri, who owns a 1978 model Mercedes, was able to pass the check-up only after he temporarily replaced the car's tires for $20 from a nearby mechanic.
He said the check-up might take longer than at a dentist's surgery and patients needing crown or bridge work were not suitable.
It is best to let the employee take a day off for a check-up than six months off for a major operation.
When she had her check-up after two months, her doctor told her the, cysts had grown significantly She had myoma.
Rumbles said: "Someone having to wait up to two years for a check-up is not on.