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The feelings showed by citizens, and before them His Majesty King Hamad, towards me during the medical check-ups I underwent recently will never be forgotten as they embody the strong cohesion between the leadership and the people.
Al-Hamar extended sincere congratulations to HRH the Prime Minister for the successful medical check-ups.
Apart from cancer, we encourage periodic check-ups for early detection of other health conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and osteoporosis.
Registration for the check-ups, to be held in Dubai and Sharjah, can be made by calling 065658867.
In January, the SEC chose to include medical check-ups as a requirement for eligibility as a candidate, resulting in the objection of several political parties due to the costs of medical tests , which are estimated at 6,000 EGP per candidate.
My opinion is that your GP should immediately refer you to a podiatrist on being diagnosed with diabetes, and then one can arrange directly to have annual check-ups.
Advising people to resort to simple diet and a disciplined as well as healthy living, they particularly urged people above 40 to ensure regular blood sugar, blood pressure, blood cholesterol check-ups so as to help timely diagnosis of any health condition.
DENTISTS in Shakespeare's home town are the dearest in Britain and charge nearly twice the national average for a check-up.
When it came to her check-ups at Kaiser Permanente, her mother, Lisa, made the appointments more out of habit than out of necessity.
The aim was to encourage colleagues to be more proactive about their health and to go and get regular medical check-ups.
Dubai-based Canadian Specialist Hospital (CSH), one of the largest private hospitals catering to the tertiary healthcare needs of the Middle East, conducted free medical check-ups today, for the employees of Dubai Duty Free (DDF), living in Dubai Silicon Oasis.
Participants receive a monthly grant of US$12 for getting antenatal and post-natal check-ups and delivering their babies in a health centre under the supervision of a skilled birth attendant.