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Talk to your bank and see if you can link your savings account to your checking account.
She has a checking account that she sometimes uses to pay rent.
WHEN JEANINE COOPER-TAYLOR MOVED TO ATLANTA IN THE winter of 1996 and opened a personal checking account with a large money center bank, she was pleased to have found an institution that offered the convenience of so many locations.
A number of financial institutions have expressed a desire to expand the program to new customer accounts, another hotbed for fraudulent checking activities.
Going beyond firewall, VPN, intrusion prevention, and antivirus, VPN-1 UTM includes SSL VPN, Web application firewall, host checking and more.
Today WaMu announced it has redefined every consumer's must-have product by introducing a new free checking product that combines an unprecedented bundle of features that all add up to convenience and value never before seen in any checking account.
LANGLEY, British Columbia -- Disc-Go-Tech, the decade long leading provider of disc repair solutions, has partnered with ClareStow Corporation, creators of world class disc verification products, to create the new Disc-Go-Check line of disc checking machines.