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To register to attend the PeriCALM CheckList demonstration and receive a complimentary hospital-specific ROI analysis, visit http://www.
Both the World Health Organisation surgical safety checklist (11) and the Minimally Invasive Surgery Safety Checklist (12) have been separated into three stages, according to the issues to be addressed.
A surgical safety checklist to reduce morbidity and mortality in a global population.
One of the biggest problems units face in determining how to best assess their compliance through self-assessment is figuring out what checklists to use.
After demonstrating both the utility of a paper-based process-of-care checklist in an ICU pilot study (17) and a need for improvement in delivering identified processes of care (18), the next logical step in this program of research was to conduct a preliminary examination of criterion-related concurrent validity of the paper-based checklist prior to developing, implementing and evaluating an electronic process-of-care checklist for use on morning ward rounds in the ICU.
Implicit conclusions about the barriers to adoption were drawn from the surveys of electronic checklist users and from the audits of checklist use for various specimen types.
Gawande gives an example of how the use of a central line checklist reduced the central line infection rate in Michigan ICUs by 66 percent.
Professional hubris, which may explain why surgeons have not immediately and universally adopted the WHO checklist, is not unique to medicine (or to law, for that matter).
Books such as Parish's and Yokoyama's Effective Lawyering: A Checklist Approach to Legal Writing and Oral Argument (Carolina Academic Press 2007) and the ALI/ABA publications are examples.
The findings of the My Mood Monitor (M-3) checklist study, led by researchers from University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, have appeared in the March/April 2010 issue of Annals of Family Medicine.
Finally, Gawande inquires into the origins of checklist protocols (the aviation industry) and considers how their use might improve nearly every aspect of modern life.