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Table 1 shows that the reliability coefficient for the Screening checklist for the students is .
Feedback from users indicates whether the checklist can be used within a reasonable length of time and that the use of the checklist doesn't cause delay.
Determine if a checklist intervention improves the diagnostic value of bitewing radiographs and reduces unnecessary radiographic exposure.
WHO surgical safety checklist was made part of the ward file and was filled with each elective surgery.
The best checklist is one you write yourself, based on your experience and background in the aircraft type you're flying.
Acknowledge Limitations of MQ-1/9 Checklists NASA recommends all critical steps of a checklist be checked at least once later in the checklist.
After assessing the clinical situation at the hospital, a procedural checklist, along with a floor plan and an equipment cupboard checklist for the RALRP, were developed.
He described the evidence base behind its effective use, adaptation of the checklist to local hospitals and also about how the checklist involves patients directly in their care.
The WHO checklist was meant to be completed in 3 separate stages--(1) before induction of anaesthesia, (2) just before skin incision, and (3) before the patient leaves the operating theatre.
In his book The Checklist Manifesto, Atul Gawande describes the use of checklists in a variety of industries, including his own profession of medicine.
For the repair of perineal lacerations, a checklist might include: