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Three years on from Mark's story, Miranda Pope, charge nurse manager at Canterbury District Health Board, sees a lot of progress, but still sometimes a misunderstanding of the essence of the checklist.
Your circulating nurse is ready to document the time the checklist was completed, so you go through the questions by rote and the anesthesiologist gets started.
I asked members of the AMWA writing/editing e-mail list and the Society for Technical Communication's Technical Editing Special Interest Group e-mail list if they used editing checklists.
The use of checklists in health care is growing and results are promising.
After the test phase was completed, the functional checklist managers in each of the AFRC directorates reviewed all of the unit checklists selections and inputs.
This study addresses some of the methodological limitations of previous studies and gaps in the validation of clinical checklists.
Industry research checklists, refined to reflect the realities of your work environment, will help researchers extract needed high value information.
In 2007 a surgical safety checklist was introduced globally through the World Health Organization's Safe Surgery Saves Lives program to reduce complications and deaths associated with surgery (Haynes et al 2009).
As with each yearly checklist edition, the CAP reviews all 21 discipline-specific checklists to maintain program stringency and the highest standards of patient care while reflecting advancements in medicine, technology, and laboratory management.
That's why checklists are broken down into the critical segments--takeoff, approach and landing--posing the greatest risk for an accident.