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13) Delivered in January 2000 and known as BABY-1, the minivan has the official markings and equipment of a police patrol cruiser, yet carries all of the spare giveaway seats and materials needed to conduct checkup events or demonstrations.
But, like a compass that points us in the right direction, Securian's Annual 401(k) Checkup will show retirement plan participants how to keep their savings on track.
To learn more about the Marriage Checkup, or to see how you can participate, visit http://wordpress.
The organization actively works to communicate the value and benefit of preventive pet healthcare and has launched an advertising campaign to promote the importance of annual veterinary checkups.
1 reactor was shut down in March 2010 due to a defective checkup procedure and then entered a regular checkup period, while the No.
Tuesday's checkup took about 30 minutes and found nothing seriously wrong with the emperor.
Of the 115 transplant patients without infections, 39 had severe heart problems, including eight cases of strong organ rejection, within 3 months of a checkup.
Other Latins find it convenient to get a medical checkup or second opinion from a physician while on a business or leisure trip to the United States.
RoseRyan today launched the Financial Checkup, a top-to-bottom diagnostic review giving private companies a fast, easy and inexpensive way to avoid accounting pitfalls.
ITOCHU Corporation announced today that its wholly owned subsidiary Wellness Communications Corporation will release Check+Wellness, a cloud health management service that enables users to view their health checkup results on a PC or smartphone, in April 2014.
Years of research and two pilot studies later led to the Marriage Checkup, a service that does for the health of your marriage what a regular dental or physical checkup does for the health of your body.
After a brief checkup for plaque and puffy gums, the children sat calmly around their play table to get their tiny teeth polished with tooth-decay-fighting fluoride.