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To help prevent serious health problems -- or to identify them at an early stage when many conditions are more treatable -- Salud Miami hospitals place a special emphasis on regular checkups.
Ishida quoted Mori as saying he wants to undergo the checkup now because he may not have another opportunity to do so for some time.
Doctors and patients must take special care to watch out for and address these concerns through a complete diagnosis and regular checkups.
Cordova is working on web-based program that will provide community clinicians the materials to offer Marriage Checkups (his recently published "The Marriage Checkup Practitioner's Guide: Promoting Lifelong Relationship Health'' (APA Press 2013) presently serves as a resource for clinicians).
2 unit checkup work, such as nuclear fuel replacement and repair operations, by mid-June.
Video Checkup comes with a simple GUI to analyze single files, or to batch analyze entire folders.
Rumors circulated in Yangon late last month that Tin Myo Win had not been allowed to conduct regular medical checkups on Suu Kyi.
During a series of checkups over 4 years on average, physicians threaded a flexible device tipped with a tiny scope and clipping tool through a vein to the heart.
Saez is among the tens of thousands of Latin Americans who visit the United States each year for checkups, second opinions, diagnosis or treatment of a wide array of medical conditions.
ITOCHU Corporation announced today that its wholly owned subsidiary Wellness Communications Corporation will release Check+Wellness, a cloud health management service that enables users to view their health checkup results on a PC or smartphone, in April 2014.