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No sunlight could enter at the darkened eyes, and none were near to whisper gentle words, to cheer and comfort.
They told pleasant tales, and sang their sweetest songs to cheer and gladden, while the dim cells grew bright with the sunlight, and fragrant with the flowers the loving Elves had brought, and by their gentle teachings those sad, despairing hearts were filled with patient hope and earnest longing to win back their lost innocence and joy.
Those in advance of the scam- pering blue men, howling cheers, leaped at the fence.
At the place of success there began more wild clamorings of cheers.
The girls were divided into three groups and were trained by the Chester High School Cheer squad.
The cheer gear fueled speculation about whether it was part of North Koreans' propaganda efforts to justify the repressive regime.
Omni Cheer is a youth athletic apparel company that offers customisation options in serving cheerleading programs with cheerleading merchandise.
Seasonal drinks will also be handed out during Starbucks' Pop Up Cheer Party including the chestnut praline latte, peppermint mocha, caramel brulAaAaAeA@e latte and eggnog latt
The second annual Cheer for Dana-Farber fundraiser was held Aug.
Blingity Bling is excited to be working with the Cheer Channel and being a part of the 'Secret Diary' series.
Cheer is a discipline that includes stunts, gymnastics, dance, motions and jumps combined into a display and the club trains at recreational and competitive level across all of these disciplines.
The two dancers were spotted by Sonia Roarty, director of Cheer Factor, based in Tullamarine in Victoria.