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We were cheering, like we've cheered every new signing, because he's a good footballer who I hope can help the team back to the premiership.
3 : to urge on especially with shouts or cheers <They cheered the team to victory.
Kansas City Star columnist Joe Posnanski wrote on November 1st that in the stands "Waverly and Northwest fans cheered and danced and cried.
But we are all deeply cheered by the stories we hear every day from artists who find creative havens in those same institutions, who discover new meaning and clarity in their work by finding a place called "home.
Flag-waving fans surrounded the Queen Victoria memorial in front of the Palace and cheered the royal party.
EXCITED pupils ignored the school bell for lessons this morning - and cheered England into the last 16.
Separated by age groups, the children cheered enthusiastically as they were led by their coaches.
LANCASTER - Hundreds of Del Sur School pupils cheered as parent Biff Baker pedaled away on a 2,000-mile bicycle trek to the Canadian border.
When the verdicts were read in the Scott Peterson case, the people standing outside the courthouse in Redwood City cheered as if their team had won the World Series.
The fans cheered for each number, and the third billboard drew the largest cheer.
Morgan's friends, relatives and well-wishers sat in a reserved-level section just behind the JetHawks dugout avidly cheered for Morgan, a utilityman who played second base Monday in a 6-4 JetHawks victory.
As spectators caught sight of it, they cheered some more.