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Donald Trump has insisted in recent days that American Muslims gathered in the streets in New Jersey and cheered as the World Trade Center collapsed in September 2011.
Division 12, led by Head Coach Amy Faletra and assisted by Gail Flynn, Lisa Whitcomb and Jackie Fashjian, cheered their way to the top by defeating six other local teams.
IF Dave Mynard is 'disgusted' at the supporters who cheered Marlon King, (Telegraph, September 29) might I remind him that we weren't cheering in condonation of his "criminal past".
The children were cheered along the way by Birmingham-born Wayne Elcock, former British & WBU World Middleweight Champion.
1 : to give hope to or make happier : comfort <Signs of spring cheered her.
His teammates cheered him on and yelled for him to run for the goal line.
And yet we are cheered by the increases in applications to these programs--a testament that ever increasing numbers of people dream of a life in the theatre and find that pursuit central to their lives.
I cheered for England and Scotland because that's where my relatives were from; France, because I speak French; and Croatia, because this is the first year that country was in the World Cup.
Thousands cheered the Queen as she took part in the Trooping the Colour ceremony to mark her official birthday yesterday.
They cheered for both the boys and girls basketball teams, which required them to cheer at two or three games a week.