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Slabey, "John Cheever: The 'Swimming' of America," Critical Essays on John Cheerer, ed.
One comes away from this book with the conclusion that Cheerer believes Bill W.
Everyone who signs up to run for RSPCA #TeamAnimal gets an RSPCA branded training T-shirt and running vest (made of ultracool material); iron-on vest letters, so our cheerers can shout your name on the big day; a fundraising pack, which contains hints and tips to maximise your sponsorship and a free running training guide.
It is even doubtful, some DavaweAaAaAeA~os say, if he is aware that amo his so-called cheerers are individuals who just want to humor him.
To really show our half- marathon runners how proud we are, we want to create a huge presence at this year's race on 13th September 2015 and are therefore in search of the most enthusiastic, positive and, of course, loudest cheerers the country has to offer.
This official treatment of the Syrian people exceeds the political resistance of change, and reflects an arrogant - even demeaning - perception of the citizens, who are consequently either agents, armed terrorists, tools in the conspiracy, or cheerers of the regime.
Those who stick it out for the countdown make a merry group of horn blasters, mitten-muffled clappers, and frosty-breathed cheerers and huggers, happy to head home in the deep dark after a satisfying high point.
The games enjoyed a massive turnout by cheerers, many of whom commended the outstanding display of athletic ability and sportsmanship.
There will be Macmillan cheerers around the course to spur you on to the end and masseurs are available at the Half Marathon Village Stand to ease your aching muscles.
If I was a betting man, I'd put money on some of the cheerers having connections with the relieved bookmakers.
Manseau scholarships from NSERC, Le fonds pour la formation de cheerers et l'aide a la recherche, and the Association of Canadian Universities for Northern Studies.