cheerful willingness

See: goodwill
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He is so used to them that he stops now at the right moment without having to be told, and he is ready to drive me all night if I wish it, with no sign of anything but cheerful willingness on his nice old face.
I was very impressed with their depth and breadth of knowledge, understanding of the market place and cheerful willingness to discuss our renewal at any time.
A cheerful willingness to participate in a scene of destruction and chaotic rebuilding pervades the atmosphere on our two-week journey.
Englishness is evocative of artistry, community and endeavour as well as a cheerful willingness to buck the system when required.
Fans know that the series is still trundling on, with a cheerful willingness to offend just about everybody.
It deals provokingly with commercial imperatives as well as the play's tenuous relationship with classicism; it refutes the view that Quinault's plays contain no political elements; it underlines Quinault's ability to work fast, his belief in the virtues of plot, and his cheerful willingness to entertain all strata of society, rather than just the educated elite.
A cheerful willingness to chat about her love life is typical of Jane who is very much from the what you see is what you get mould.
Glamis is converted into a hospital and young Elizabeth's cheerful willingness to help makes her the darling of the wounded soldiers who begin to arrive.
Steven, popular with neighbours for his cheerful willingness to do odd-jobs, was a grandson of the sister of Gazza's dad John.
Capra reveals those dangers in his cheerful willingness to impose New Age agendas on the bad guys with the full power of the state: Nationalize oil, restructure society, do whatever is necessary to get everybody thinking right.