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The role lead to a comic video, Rob Brydon - An Extremely Unlucky Traffic Warden, which ended with Cardiff cabbie Keith Barrett chatting cheerily to a camera fixed to the dashboard.
Tim Burton turned his "Corpse Bride" into a cheerily macabre argument for stop-motion animation, and when the pic's DVD extras stick to the tireless work of the animators, they can be just as entertaining.
His pictures present oiled Aryan sun worshippers gaily dancing in foaming surf, cheerily harvesting the fields, or striking poses that bloom rococo musculature.
Cut-outs and engineered paper show Black and White making polka dots, checkerboards, stripes, and wiggles together with much merriment until the colors merge cheerily into the gray of a sleeping cat.
One morning she wakes up and cheerily butters my toast, and that afternoon she anxiously curses and crosses herself in my presence until she's dizzy.
The dining room table is modeled after a Godfather II prop, Staglin's wife cheerily reports.
O'Donnell, a member of Martha Graham's earliest company, accompanied class with her own voice, robust and mellifluous, cheerily shouting out instructions as well as encouragement and corrections, all in perfect rhythm.
While the article describes a wonderful destination, I wonder how the cargo on the Aurora Explorer (120 tonnes of farm fish food and three trucks for a grizzly hunt) can be so cheerily side by side with the latter part of the column.
The robin's song sounds like "Cheer-up, cheerily, cheer-up, cheerily" and it foreshadows the warm summer days ahead.
She cheerily tried to persuade her readers that jotting down paragraphs between carpool runs is actually the optimal way to write.