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His cheeriness has rubbed off on everyone at our club so it was lovely to see the newspaper and TV pictures of him and his twin daughters celebrating our victory as that's what we are all about, a family club.
The film acknowledges her age and updates her look, but Temple reverts to excessive cheeriness, which now seems more inappropriate (age-wise) than ever.
Sometimes in life you need a little uncomplicated cheeriness and this gear offers exactly that.
It was a nice touch from the engaging and eager-to-please staff, who flitted happily about the carriages with customary Canadian cheeriness.
com which has crunched the numbers on 130,000 of its users' European city reviews named the city for its five-star rating across the seasons for its all-round cheeriness, CNN reported .
The white kids looked at his black skin and his afro and treated him with inhuman cheeriness.
Dragons' Den (BBC2, 9pm) If you need a booster to see that the economic outlook isn't going downhill faster than a skier on Ski Sunday, then Dragons' Den is the place for that, as the relentless supply of cheeriness (and strong questioning) is matched by their cash being proffered.
As students approach their schools and sixth-form colleges this week, with understandable trepidation, they need encouragement and support if they haven't done as well as they hoped, and a bit of joyous cheeriness if they have met or exceeded expectations.
Fortunately, my inexhaustible cheeriness and days spent at Newmarket this week working for a living keep me going, but in terms of sheer spectacle the July course is not improved by November ground.
The great southern exposure and open floor plan bring a light-filled cheeriness to this delightfully landscaped property with banana, orange and grapefruit trees.
Thusha lost everything and, despite her general cheeriness, she sometimes gets very depressed about her condition.