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And so, amid shouting and cheering, our fate was decided, and I found myself borne away in the human current which swirled towards the door, with my mind half stunned by the vast new project which had risen so suddenly before it.
Then would the inferior Barnacles exclaim, obeying orders,'Hear, Hear, Hear!' and 'Read!' Then would the noble or right honourable Barnacle perceive, sir, from this little document, which he thought might carry conviction even to the perversest mind (Derisive laughter and cheering from the Barnacle fry), that within the short compass of the last financial half- year, this much-maligned Department (Cheers) had written and received fifteen thousand letters (Loud cheers), had written twenty-four thousand minutes (Louder cheers), and thirty-two thousand five hundred and seventeen memoranda (Vehement cheering).
Another group of spectators celebrate the performance of Team Qatar Thousands, predominantly expatriates, had gathered at different venues cheering, clapping, whistling and dancing as Qatar started dominating the game and scoring two goals in the first half itself.
It was interesting to see the Ateneo faithful energized into cheering more than usual in answer to the 'Iskos' and 'Iskas.' But their chants of 'One Big Fight!' were easily drowned out by roars of 'UP fight!'
I heard there were fifty-one thousand participants this year and am sure nearly half of New York was out cheering them as they ran.
It is indescribable to watch the athletes have so much fun cheering, and I think it shows how much cheer can bring people together."
By Kim Jae-heun Koreans will flood the streets tonight to cheer for Team Korea, as street cheering events are set to take place across the capital city.
CT, Gateshead, states that I was wrong to say that Tories were laughing and cheering the vote in favour of retaining the pay cap for public sector workers and that they were in fact cheering the passing of the Queen's Speech.
I was told to go tomorrow or day after tomorrow, but said I can't wait, I want to go tonight," he told a cheering crowd.
And I watched in Jersey City, New Jersey, where thousands and thousands of people were cheering as that building was coming down.
Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump's insistence that he saw Muslims cheering on 9/11 has drawn criticism for being inaccurate, and for politicizing an already emotional topic for Muslims in the U.S.AaAaAeAeAaAeAeA in the wake of terror attacks in Paris on Nov.
The squad will be cheering from the sidelines, as well as pumping up the crowd at the start of a match, and showing off their dazzling dance routines at half-time.