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But British press has trashed the film with Mirror describing the film as "a cheap and cheerless effort that looks like a Channel 5 mid-week matinee" adding that "The Queen of Hearts has been recast as a sad-sack singleton that even Bridget Jones would cross the street to avoid" while The Times took aim at the biopic's "squirmingly embarrassing script".
It's a shame the Beeb, in general, can't spend more of our money on quality work, and far less on cheap and cheerless reality and celebrity shows.
a thousand flowering lilacs weave a cheerless seasonal tone.
His writing, depending on one's point of view, is either deliciously challenging or needlessly obfuscating; he disdained popular culture, particularly popular music, while bothering to listen to very little of it, which is either the mark of an uncompromising maverick or a poor scholar; and he was either a cheerless snob who contemplated impossibly pure utopias and disdained practicalities or a visionary who used theory to tame and reshape the world.
However, having won three promotions and steering Boro back to the upper echelons of the non-league game, Wilkin's belief and experience are major factors in his armoury and he will be quietly confident of pulling the reins on their cheerless start and getting the show back on track.
Except for a week in March and another in May, the days have been gloomy, often wet and generally cheerless.
For this writer, the "Return of the King" ad was the best use of the iconic Clydesdales in recent memory, not jokey or anthropocentric, but as powerful, galloping A-B symbols (That the ad twitted neo-prohibs by showing the grey cheerless world of Prohibition was an added plus).
While this might sound cheerless, the playwright has a wicked sense of humour that cannot help emerging, often at seemingly inappropriate moments, as it would in real life, which is a real strength of this drama.
In this case, cannabis provides significant pain relief and some degree of euphoria, which helps the patient through his otherwise cheerless days.
But despite the narrative's grandiose scope, the actual game world itself isn't that big and some of the cut-scenes feel cheap and cheerless post LA Noire.
When I watched The Last Picture Show back in the 1970s, I never w imagined that the cheerless desolation of the American Mid-West could ever come to anywhere near me.
Tea and silence LIFT out of order, a fifth-floor council Flat, Concrete stairs, dark stairwells, damp, Smelly, Graffiti - almost decorative, always in your Face, The bruised door, painted in patches, a Cheerless grey, The knocker a car-boot bargain, shone In the dimness, He was at home; A tiny sitting room.