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Even Cage, whose career benefited the most from the temperate cheerlessness, admitted that the pendulum might have swung a bit far in the other direction.
Lack of accountability has proliferated and promoted the faceless, nameless bureaucratic 'they' who are to blame for all the world's ills, for government's abuses, and for management's cheerlessness.
It was big and barnlike--no rugs, no pictures, no drapes, nothing to break the blank cheerlessness of the rows of wooden rockers and straight-backed chairs.
These figures augmented the cheerlessness with their fallen depravity, giving the replica a sinister quality, a chill electricity which had been entirely absent in its first rendering.
After the chill and cheerlessness of her marriage to Charles, what could be better for a warm, affectionate princess than the love of a hot-blooded Mediterranean man?