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At the place of success there began more wild clamorings of cheers.
Long they stayed, and many a lesson little Eva learned: but when she begged them to go back, they still led her on, saying, "Our work is not yet done; shall we leave so many sad hearts when we may cheer them, so many dark homes that we may brighten?
No sunlight could enter at the darkened eyes, and none were near to whisper gentle words, to cheer and comfort.
They told pleasant tales, and sang their sweetest songs to cheer and gladden, while the dim cells grew bright with the sunlight, and fragrant with the flowers the loving Elves had brought, and by their gentle teachings those sad, despairing hearts were filled with patient hope and earnest longing to win back their lost innocence and joy.
A total of 113 young ladies had a lot to cheer about during the annual Chester High School Cheer Camp held this month at Chester High School's Juergen's Gymnasium.
Cheer Starz Gymnastic and Cheerleading Academy members entered their first ever competition, the UK Cheerleading Winter Championships in Manchester, entering five divisions and coming away with a first and four second placed finishes.
Dinnerware: the latest addition to the Cheers line up, introduced in spring 2010 and the perfect match for everything in Cheers.
They cheered for both the boys and girls basketball teams, which required them to cheer at two or three games a week.
I am writing about [David Pinto's] article in Mass Market Retailers on July 16 titled "Wal-Mart Without The Cheer.
Becky Herrera, owner of CheerForce, an all-star competitive cheer program in Simi Valley, is also gearing up for the parade with her students, who come from Ojai to Pasadena and range in age from 3 to 31.
This time of year a wait at Cheers is not unusual, though the duration of ours was.
The lyric was fitting, as Cheers was set in a Boston bar.