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March broke the silence that followed Jo's words, by saying in her cheery voice, "Do you remember how you used to play Pilgrims Progress when you were little things?
Externally, the jollity of aged men has much in common with the mirth of children; the intellect, any more than a deep sense of humour, has little to do with the matter; it is, with both, a gleam that plays upon the surface, and imparts a sunny and cheery aspect alike to the green branch and grey, mouldering trunk.
At last he heard a cheery voice near his shoulder: "Yeh seem t' be in a pretty bad way, boy?
We doubt whether the genial captain is not describing the cheeriness of his own breast, which gave a cheery aspect to everything around him.
One can only remember his cheery temper, his admiration for the jokes in PUNCH, his little oddities - like his strange passion for borrowing looking-glasses, for instance.
The foreyards ran round with a great noise, amidst cheery cries.
It was a small low room, belonging to the old part of the house-- dark with the sombre covers of the books that lined the walls; yet it looked very cheery this morning as Arthur reached the open window.
He came in with cheery look and manly spirit, and tried to reanimate the expiring heart of the poor money digger, but it was all in vain.
He himself is a cheery and jovial person and he laughed with me quite readily - but I got the order before dark all right.
The warmth of heart which Martin ridiculed and resented, intensified by its very repression, bubbled out to others in cheery helpfulness, and blessed her quick tears.
And so in ten minutes I had left my armchair and cheery sitting-room behind me, and was speeding eastward in a hansom on a strange errand, as it seemed to me at the time, though the future only could show how strange it was to be.
It was a cheery companion, gurgling and chuckling as it ran, like the dear old trout-stream in the West Country where I have fished at night in my boyhood.