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The owner of the cheery voice took him firmly by the arm.
In the search which followed, the man of the cheery voice seemed to the youth to possess a wand of a magic kind.
The forest seemed a vast hive of men buzzing about in frantic circles, but the cheery man con- ducted the youth without mistakes, until at last he began to chuckle with glee and self-satisfaction.
Yes, it was a cheery house," assented Father Brown.
March broke the silence that followed Jo's words, by saying in her cheery voice, "Do you remember how you used to play Pilgrims Progress when you were little things?
The first sound in the morning was her voice as she went about the house singing like a lark, and the last sound at night was the same cheery sound, for the girls never grew too old for that familiar lullaby.
In this cheery mood they passed the hours until the first golden streaks of dawn appeared in the sky.
Janet would make a paragon of a wife -- cheery, economical, tolerant, and a very queen of cooks.
Well, here I am," said a cheery little voice; "but you shouldn't say you need me bad, 'cause I'm always, ALWAYS, good.
Every one was willing to be friendly with his neighbor, and Chaucer in his cheery way had soon made friends with them all.
As to Pollyanna--Pollyanna petted the dog, smoothed the cat's sleek head, admired the flowers and ate the fruits and jellies that were sent in to her; and returned innumerable cheery answers to the many messages of love and inquiry that were brought to her bedside.
Joe shook his head; but there was something so cheery in the buoyant hopeful manner of this speech, that his spirits rose under its influence, and communicated as it would seem some new impulse even to the grey mare, who, breaking from her sober amble into a gentle trot, emulated the pace of Edward Chester's horse, and appeared to flatter herself that he was doing his very best.