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While it has been the chemists who have invented and synthesized drugs, polymers, fertilizers, and other chemicals that are important in our lives today, it has been the distinct contribution of the chemical engineering profession to manufacture these and other chemicals cheaply, efficiently, and in quantity.
Joseph Costandy, a chemical engineering student and OXE president, said: "Honour societies enhance a learning environment because of the motivation they give us as students to work harder.
Kettering will graduate its first class of Chemical Engineering graduates in December 2011.
I couldn't imagine being successful in that task without having an understanding of chemical engineering," Upenieks says.
Dean Eastbury, Executive Publisher of Elsevier's chemical engineering journals added, "Since 2008 we have a great publishing relationship with IChemE and SAIChE.
Many employers offer structured graduate training schemes for entrants with a degree or postgraduate degree (MEng) in chemical engineering.
Institute director, Andrew Furlong said: "This reveals that chemical engineering continues to be a well paid profession"
In most G-20 countries, chemical engineering societies provide the organizational infrastructure and leadership to promote and advance Process Safety Management because they are the primary professions that apply those techniques to manage the risks.
He is not surprised more women are in chemical engineering.
For more info on the Chemical Engineering Technology Conference & Exposition, please contact Holly Rountree (hrountree@che.
Ajay Dalai, FCIC, Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Saskatchewan;
19, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- The Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE) has awarded Bechtel Gold Corporate Partner status for the company's contributions to the advancement of chemical engineering and process industries.

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