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He said they were not an alternative to synthetic medicines as most so-called herbal medicines - sold on the basis of being completely natural products - had traces of active chemical substances.
The aim of REACH is to improve the protection of human health and the environment through the better and earlier identification of the intrinsic properties of chemical substances.
And every new chemical substance, which even might contain raw materials considered harmful to the environment will cost up to 1 million euros to bring to market.
The health ministry has decided to quickly compile a manual on how medical services should respond in the event of terrorist attacks or disasters involving nuclear, biological and chemical substances, ministry sources said Friday.
It would also be easier to buy into the movie's ``chill'' concept if they kept the chemical substance away from fire and direct sunlight.
has never admitted burying the chemical substance at the airport, the department said.
4 By allowing the evaluation and compilation of chemical substance information consisting of data from both legacy and newer formats--an industry-first--the upgraded COINServ[R]-COSMOS-R/R streamlines workflows related to compiling and managing chemical substance information.
BEIRUT: Roumieh prison wardens arrested a Lebanese police officer Thursday for trying to smuggle sandwiches filled with a potentially dangerous chemical substance destined for a Fatah al-Islam prisoner into the detention center.
According to the law, a chemical substance business operator (person who manufactures, imports, uses, or sells/supplies chemicals for commercial purposes) shall report all of the volume of commercial activity (including manufacture/import and use, etc.
Based on a collaboration between the two companies, the new service delivers information Fujitsu has collected in its global business operations, including the latest chemical substances regulatory trends, particularly related to the EU's RoHS Directive(1) and REACH regulation(2), as well as ways to comply with newly added chemical substance regulations.
According to prosecution records, the visitor defrauded an Iranian businessman of $16,000 after fooling him into believing that he had $5million and needed a chemical substance to remove the black colour on it so that it would become authentic.
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