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Her complete blood count (CBC) was insignificant other than the glucose of 587 mg/dL, and the chemistry profile revealed a slight elevation of the BUN/creatinine levels.
So, they were left with two major challenges to master: the abolition of the 19-channel chemistry profile and the need to provide medical necessity documentation with each laboratory order.
DPS allegedly induced physicians to order a chemistry profile (a battery of automated blood tests) of a patient by charging deeply discounted prices to the doctors.
Determine the best schedule for someone of your age, sex, and medical history to have such tests as complete blood count, blood chemistry profile,
The blood samples for chemistry profile were placed in Serum-Separator Tubes (Vacutainer, Becton, Dickinson), then spun down at the research site (Sun Research Institute, San Antonio, Texas), and the serum was transferred to transport vials.
Chemistry profile and complete blood count, chest x-ray and radiology and endoscopy should be performed as indicated.
D-Dimer testing within the routine clinical chemistry profile.
Specific tests such as radiographs, pulmonary function studies, radioallergosorbent (RAST) tests, and skin tests are discussed, as are nonspecific tests such as complete blood count and chemistry profile.
Chemistry profile and complete blood count, chest x-ray, and radiology and endoscopy should be performed as clinically indicated.
Rather than informing readers with detailed emphasis on examples such as the long-term benefit of reduced diabetic complications attributable to tighter glycemic control enabled by monitoring of glycohemoglobins, the effectiveness of human chorionic gonadotropin monitoring of treated choriocarcinoma, or the effective use of screening for neuroblastoma, the chapter belabored old literature regarding indiscriminant outpatient chemistry profile screening and mindless preoperative testing.
Cardiopulmonary function studies * Multigated acquisition scans (at rest and during exercise) * Pulmonary function studies * Electrocardiogram Diagnostic studies to stage cancer * Computed tomography scans (chest, abdomen, pelvis, head) * a Bone scan * Bilateral bone marrow biopsy and aspirations * Complete blood cell count with differential * Chemistry profile (with liver function tests) * 24-hour urine test for creatinine and total protein measurements * Viral serology studies

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