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Karpoff told the three that it was improper to bill separately for the chemistry profile.
The correlation studies were performed on whole blood and plasma samples from patients for whom a chemistry profile was requested by the attending physician.
It is acceptable when billing Medicare to use either the current CPT codes for automated chemistry profiles or the new temporary codes, but not a combination of the two.
Each exam should include a complete blood count, serum chemistry profile, complete urinalysis, and a fecal exam.
Figure 5 The frequency of commonly batched tests Daily frequency Three Once Twice times Other(*) Chemistry profile 19% 18% 33% 30% Electrolytes 12 12 28 48 CBC 18 8 30 43 Prothrombin time 20 14 24 42 Urinalysis 13 16 31 40 BUN 10 16 26 48 Type and screen 25 25 13 38 (*) Respondents who cited "other" most often specified "as needed/when we reach a minimum.
At issue in the case was whether NHL defrauded the Government by maneuvering doctors into automatically ordering two additional blood tests as part of the frequently requested SMAC chemistry profile.
A small hospital lab fought big-city competition by offering its community a 25-test chemistry profile with a cardiac risk panel.
For example, $18 was the highest inpatient charge for a 23-test chemistry profile at either of the hospitals involved in the consolidation.
Except for the occasional chemistry profile, reference testing is rare here," managing partner Edgar Elum, M.

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