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With the cherishable moments rushing back to my memory and the garba, dandiya and DJ in full swing.
Part of him, more sensibly, respected their "sane internationalism"--a phrase coined by chronicler Sir Charles Petrie, no friend of Taylor--as a cherishable contribution to peace.
It seems to her as if everything she's believed in--the sanctity of her own marriage with Mack, the certainty that their lives, all their lives, are beautiful, cherishable things--has been shattered.
Slaughter cites the immense popularity of Khaled Husseini's The Kite Runner as one example of the phenomenon by which such writers "package a modicum of tolerable, even cherishable, cultural difference in a generic story form that insinuates a transnational affinity between the novel's reader and its protagonist-reader" (322).
Scarry's lists of cherishable objects, "the moon, the Milky Way, individual stars, the daylit sky, birds, birdsongs, musical instruments, meadows, dances, woven cloth, stones, staircases, good prose certainly, airplanes of course, mathematical proofs, the sea, its surf, its spray," refutations of the Foucauldain order of things in their drama of accidental encounter, are thus consciously mediated by the forum of the lecture in which they are presented and by the institution of the university to which Scarry ultimately connects beauty in its unsystematic effect (72).
He feels that the wait has only made the achievement more cherishable.
She's the latest in Enright's sequence of cherishable, allbut-tangible central female characters, this one worldly-wise, sharp of eye and wit, whose emotional candor knocks the judgmental legs out from under the reader.
Dylan is an out-and-out national treasure, a delightful, cherishable stand-up who ploughs his own furrow in glorious defiance of any prevailing trends.
Written with education and enlightenment, "The Diminishing House" is a cherishable collection.
It is a stern challenge for even the most accomplished and experienced singer, and the most successful recordings of this cycle are among the most cherishable artistic documents of any kind.
Aside from a midway dip and some overextended drama near the climax, the pacing stays alert, with a comically cherishable twist at the end when all seems hopeless.