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Yet again, the ISB succeeded in making an auspicious and special day extravagant and cherishable.
Dylan is an out-and-out national treasure, a delightful, cherishable stand-up who ploughs his own furrow in glorious defiance of any prevailing trends.
24), the latter finessed a cherishable reversion to the former.
Written with education and enlightenment, "The Diminishing House" is a cherishable collection.
In modern urban society, it looks most of the people are not just losing faith in old customs and traditions but also losing small moments of cherishable and mouth watering food items.
If Gilbert seems often to eschew much of the elaborate manner of the Romantics, he is joined to them--and especially to Wordsworth--by a kind of Platonism, a sense that the appearances of the world are, however cherishable, a ruse; that there is a richer sweetness to be had in the hidden essences of things.
Now, these cherishable heights will host a whole weekend of rock music, featuring British Sea Power's own beer on tap at the pub.
To her credit, the cherishable mezzo-soprano Dolora Zajick let loose as the scheming Princess Eboli.
Despite offering a number of cherishable incidental pleasures, such as the character of the wordy and pedantic schoolmaster Holofernes, its central theme of a group of young men renouncing the company of women for three years, only to give way at the first temptation, begins to wear tedious after a couple of hours.
Brimelow includes some cherishable real-life examples of what certain teachers imagine to be accurate English grammar and spelling--and nor is depravity.
Please look back; I swear I won't turn away this time, I will not turn away And in between my pleading, I imagine lifting my arm and circling it around him and drawing him in, his head falling to my shoulder, hair grazing my neck, hair which by now the humidity has returned to its natural, cherishable waviness; and I imagine his head burrowing and shifting and stretching up to look at me, our gazes locking and our faces drawing closer, and closer yet; and then just as I imagine our lips pressing together, I gasp to myself, aware suddenly that our actual shoulders are touching, that somehow the inches between them narrowed, and have now disappeared.
But monarchy has other advantages, too, and one that has come to seem particularly cherishable is that in an age dominated by celebrity culture and media values it continues to provide an alternative source of patronage and prestige.