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Some people also consume the fruit for medicinal purposes to treat flu and chest cold pains.
Living with one or two adults who smoke at home was associated with increased reports of children having three or more ear infections in the previous 12 months and having a chest cold in the 2 weeks prior to the interview conducted for the study "'Tobacco smoke exposure has significant consequences for children and families above and beyond child morbidity, including academic disadvantage and financial burden," the authors concluded.
One might think that it would keep a horse busy on the treadmill all day long to keep the freezer chest cold, but not so.
Walking pneumonia feels like a bad chest cold that will not go away," he explained.
Who, after all, could let a little thing like a chest cold cost him his front row view of history?
It was there that Hyde became intrigued by the relieving properties of menthol and sought to develop an ointment that would relieve a head or chest cold, headache or sore throat.
lt;strong>Cough:</strong> A cough is an action your body takes to clear phlegm buildup indicating bronchitis or a chest cold.
Days later, she died from a bad chest cold, leaving wailing Heathcliff with plenty to get off his.
However, the Magpies insisted Kinnear had only caught a chest cold and is still on course to be back in charge for either the Premier League trip to Stoke on April 11 or the visit to Tottenham a week later.
If so, then you know it's a very unpleasant condition, often brought on by a bad chest cold.
Then a chest cold and a Friday night in got the better of me, and I succumbed to half an hour of what I expected to be interminably duff gags from the team who once made the unmissable Father Ted.
It culminated in a three-day, really hard sequence shot in a tomb underground and I got a chest cold afterward.