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Post oncologic resections defect in neck, facial, oral and upper chest region necessitate a dependable local, regional, or free flap not only for aesthetic but also for functional reasons.
He had been stabbed several times--so brutally that his genitals were savaged, the insides had slipped out of his slashed belly, and the stitches in his chest region from a recent bypass surgery had been ripped open.
Chest region was least affected by laceration due to resilient nature of tissues and defensive posture adopted by the victim.
They had small erythematic crusted papules, hyper pigmentation over wrists, around arm pits, elbows, around waist (beltline), chest region both legs and ankles (Fig.
Casting his mind back to the fall, McCoy recalled: "I knew something was not right as I had pain in my chest region and when they took me to hospital I feared the worst, but I genuinely could have left last Friday evening if I had wanted to.
While body is immersed in the water up to the hips level, the fluids are "escaping" from the lower limbs to the chest region.
In terms of posture, it causes your chest region and posterior to stick out, forcing you to pull your stomach in.
But he's been having discomfort in his chest region in the past week and we've been addressing that.